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Wild Beast (roller coaster)

Country: CA
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Wild Beast is a wooden roller coaster located at Canada's Wonderland, in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. Originally named "Wilde Beaste", it is one of the four roller coasters that debuted with the park in 1981, and is one of two wooden coasters at Canada's Wonderland modelled after a ride at Coney Island amusement park in Cincinnati, Ohio (specifically, Wildcat); the other is the Mighty Canadian Minebuster. The ride's fan curve was rebuilt in 1998.

The ride, similar to the Minebuster, the other wooden roller coaster at the park, is an out and back roller coaster but also encompasses a figure 8 design. As wooden roller coasters tend to be, the ride is not very smooth, and includes a very large lurch right before pulling into the station (as generally one train waits just beyond the station for the train in front of it to unload before pulling in). It is also unadvisable to raise your arms during the first drop, as the track makes a sudden tilt at the lowest point, causing many people to be smacked in the face. The ride uses 2 trains, with 7 cars of four seats (arranged in two rows) each. The ride (and trains) was built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company.

The above description comes from Wikipedia Wild Beast (roller coaster) based on license CC-BY-SA. List of contibutors is here.

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